Finding grants wherever you are

First and foremost, I am here to help you and your organization.

Holly Oliver, Founder & Grant Writer Extraordinaire

Holly Oliver, Founder & Grant Writer Extraordinaire

My primary goal is to keep the pressure off of you and your team while finding, applying for, and managing funding. I do all of this with a smile and a solid sense of humor while also providing professional excellence in service to you, my client.

For non-profit organizations around the country I use my expertise to handle every aspect of the grant life cycle. The difficulty of the process is taken off of your shoulders and diligently addressed personally. You can move forward confidently knowing the best interests of your organization and its programs are being taken care of.

As you can see the life cycle of a grant can be quite complicated and challenging to stay on top of:

Grants: A Complex Process


How Mobile Grants Co. Can Help

The first step is to contact me, and you’re halfway there by visiting this site. For information on the various ways I can help, here is a brief overview of just a few of the services I provide:

1) Research and locate possible grants.

2) Manage the entire application and award process.

3) Assist with the long-term updates and reports necessary for ongoing funding opportunities.

For information on how Mobile Grants Co. can help just reach out for a brainstorm and quote. I’m here to help.